Subject: NetBSD 2.0 + Atheros driver
To: None <>
From: Sakari <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/28/2005 23:42:54

I'm running a NetBSD 2.0 with GENERIC_LAPTOP kernel on my Dell Latitude 
CPi with D-link DWL-AG650 PCMCIA wlan adapter which uses Atheros IEEE 
802.11 driver. The driver works just fine except when the wlan 
connection freezes for a while. This usually happens when I'm not in the 
room where my access point is.

The funny part is that in windows, the connection works just fine. No 
freezing or anything. But in netbsd I'm having these problems. Also 
there are no problems with the link quality while I'm having these 
freezing problems.

So my question goes: Has there been any changes to atheros driver after 
2.0 release that could fix this problem? I tried searching for the 
changelogs but I couldn't find any markings.

My current ifconfig setup:

         ssid Antenniosasto nwkey *****
         powersave off
         bssid 00:0f:66:d9:cf:65 chan 6
         address: 00:0d:88:c8:9c:08
         media: IEEE802.11 OFDM54 mode 11g
         status: active
         inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
         inet6 fe80::20d:88ff:fec8:9c08%ath0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x8

My wlan accesspoint is Linksys wrt54g 2.0 with sveasoft Alchemy-6.0-RC5a.

Thanks for the help in advance.