Subject: Re: how to discover neighbours global ipv6 addresses on the link
To: Konstantin KABASSANOV <>
From: Rui Paulo <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/18/2005 17:57:51
On 2005.07.18 18:36:42 +0000, Konstantin KABASSANOV wrote:
 | Hi,
 | My question seems to be stupid, but I wonder how an ipv6 node could retrieve
 | ipv6 global addresses of its neighbours?
 | Doing "ping6 ff02::1%interface" helps me to obtain all nodes' link-local
 | addresses...
 | It is generally possible to create global addresses from the corresponding
 | link-local ones, but not for addresses compliant to RFC 3041 (global
 | anonymous addresses...)  
 | Any hints? 

Does this help?

     -a addrtype
             Generate ICMPv6 Node Information Node Addresses query, rather
             than echo-request.  addrtype must be a string constructed of the
             following characters.
             a       requests unicast addresses from all of the responder's
                     interfaces.  If the character is omitted, only those
                     addresses which belong to the interface which has the
                     responder's address are requests.
             c       requests responder's IPv4-compatible and IPv4-mapped
             g       requests responder's global-scope addresses.
             s       requests responder's site-local addresses.
             l       requests responder's link-local addresses.
             A       requests responder's anycast addresses.  Without this
                     character, the responder will return unicast addresses
                     only.  With this character, the responder will return
                     anycast addresses only.  Note that the specification does
                     not specify how to get responder's anycast addresses.
                     This is an experimental option.

		-- Rui Paulo