Subject: Re: supported harware for zeroconf
To: Silvio Valenti <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/04/2005 17:28:59
On Jul 4, 2005, at 3:21 AM, Silvio Valenti wrote:

> I was wondering what kind of data link hardware I shall support.
> Shall I also support IEEE80211? If it is the case, the bpf interface
> is compatible with that? Because I read it currently works only with
> Ethernet.

BPF is compatible with Ethernet and 802.11.

 From an application's perspective, 802.11 and Ethernet should be  
roughly the same.

The link-level stuff you need to worry about is probably just the  
IPv4 link-local address selection, right?  Have you considered  
implementing that using SOCK_RAW instead of BPF?

-- thorpej