Subject: Re: ralink wireless drivers
To: David Young <>
From: Matthias Drochner <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/01/2005 23:54:31 said:
> Does the driver come from FreeBSD, or does it come from OpenBSD? 

As it looks (the CVS tags) the patches in the PR are derived from
the OpenBSD driver. The author (Damien Bergamini) is the same for
both Open/FreeBSD, so I hope that both are identical as far as
physical access to the device is concerned.

> FreeBSD's net80211 (the one that I just
> imported) has a net80211 with three years' more work in it than OpenBSD's

Yep - I found that the ural driver needed some adaption. It is well
possible that I didn't do it completely -- I've just touched the code
where the compiler told me to do so.
Without deeper understanding of the ieee80211 framework this might look
naive, but since the PR was a month old, and I just had that Asus wlan
stick, I thought it is better to get things running.
I hope that we can get the remaining problems solved soon with help
of the debug messages generated, provided that someone understands
these messages...

> How much code do/can the drivers share?

There are some tables and functions which are obviously identical
between the PCI/Cardbus and USB drivers. This is not much, but the
rest of the drivers isn't that large either... I haven't done any
actions to actually share code or data, just arranged things to
make it easy later.

beat regards