Subject: Re: Usability enhancement for IP6
To: Fernando Gont <>
From: Bryan Phillippe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/06/2005 11:09:06
On the elevated day of Feb 6, Fernando Gont said:

> At 11:06 05/02/2005 -0800, Bryan Phillippe wrote:
> >Ever since I configured a private IPv6 network with NetBSD, I've had the
> >annoying problem of having to wait for multiple failed retransmits to
> >public sites such as, before falling down to IPv4.  Other
> >IPv6 stacks, such as Microsoft, do not have this problem.
> This has been the subject of an Internet-draft I submitted to the IETF
> back in July 2004. You can visit
> . There you'll find
> the latest version of the draft, plus links to the minutes and slides of
> the relevant IETF meetings.
> If you would like this behaviour to become a recommended practice, please
> drop a line on the TCPM WG mailing list, or do it here and I'll forward
> it there.

In that case, I have reviewed the draft and indeed want to see this
behavior become a recommended practice.

> Does anyone know if this patch will be included in the next releases of
> NetBSD?

We should probably make an analogous change to tcp4 as well.  As someone
else pointed out, some firewalls (including the one I wrote for my
employer's network device) can return "administratively prohibited" for
blocked services.