Subject: Re: IPv6 routing with non-ppp interfaces
To: None <>
From: Richard Braun <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/28/2004 11:42:13
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On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 11:36:59AM +0200, Konstantin KABASSANOV wrote:
> >
> > /sbin/route -q add -inet6 2001:7a8:432d:1:: -prefixlen 64 fe80::%fxp1
> >
> > I tried with -interface too, nothing new. I'm using NetBSD/i386
> > 1.6.2_STABLE
> > btw.
> >
> [KK]
> A local-link address like "fe80::" seems a little bit strange... Supposing
> that it is the next hop router address over the fxp1 interface, are you
> sure the address is the correct one?
> Konstantin

There is a line about the fe80::%fxp1 destination in the routing table :
fe80::%fxp1/64                     link#2                         UC       =
   0        0      -  fxp1

It should be the correct address. However, I've only tested this kind of
addresses on PPP interfaces (including gif tunnels). You said your
configuration was working. How did you configure your routing then ?

Richard Braun

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