Subject: Re: Arp Resolve
To: None <>
From: Justin Walker <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/18/2004 12:15:00
On Thursday, March 18, 2004, at 04:59 AM, wrote:

>> Hi!
>> 	I am writing an Ethernet driver and when I give the following
>> command to test the transmit function, I find that the start function 
>> is
>> getting called twice.
>> Is something wrong going out there because e of which it is getting
>> called twice or it is correct.
>> Regards
>> -nitin
>> Client# ping -c 1
>> PING ( 56 data bytes
>> Start getting called
>> Going out of start
>> Mar 18 19:34:51 Client /netbsd: Start getting called
>> Mar 18 19:34:51 Client /netbsd: Going out of start
> The last 2 messages seems to me the kernel messages put on the console
> that are repeating your code output;
> But I'm not a kernel programmer: please check your code to see if this 
> is
> a possible conclusion.

To put this another way, how does your driver produce these messages.  
I'd guess that there are two messages, or that each message takes two 
paths to the display.

Also, if these are really two different sets of messages, indicating 
start being called twice, it's possible that one is produced for the 
ARP to resolve the IP address, and the second is produced by the actual 
ICMP packet.



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