Subject: RE: Configuring mltiple interfaces.
To: Nitin P Mahajan <>
From: Patrick Mackey <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/08/2004 20:12:27
> 	Could u please specify more such programs.
> I am not able to do it with the -r option.

Try net/hping

From the man page:

-I --interface interface name
       By default on linux and BSD systems hping2 uses default  routing
       interface.   In  other systems or when there is no default route
       hping2 uses the first non-loopback interface.  However  you are
       able  to  force  hping2 to use the interface you need using this
       option. Note: you don't need to  specify  the  whole  name, for
       example  -I  et will match eth0 ethernet0 myet1 et cetera. If no
       interfaces match hping2 will try to use lo.

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Patrick Mackey

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