Subject: Re: [802.11] Enabling beacon frames reception in hostap mode
To: None < (Jorge Ramon Acereda\>
From: None < (Jorge Ramon Acereda\>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/21/2004 20:00:45 (Jorge Ramon Acereda Maci=E1) writes:
> So, is this an incorrect behaviour of the driver? Should I be getting
> the beacons in hostap mode?

Sorry Dave, I missed your response (I am not subscribed to the
list). In your response you say:

"AP clients do not send beacons."

My question then should be: what would be the best way to have a
continuosly updating RSSI of the AP clients from the APs?

I thought I could simply have the APs sending broadcast pings, but it
didn't work, I don't get replies (is this normal?).

As a last resort I could keep the AP clients pinging continuosly, but
that would be ugly and messy (requires installing a script on the AP

  Jorge Acereda