Subject: [802.11] Enabling beacon frames reception in hostap mode
To: None <>
From: None < (Jorge Ramon Acereda\>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/20/2004 12:22:58

I am trying to track the location of wireless devices using RSSI as an
indicator. I am using the ath driver. Everything is fine when the
device is in monitor mode, I get packets via libpcap without
problem. But when I switch to hostap mode, beacon frames don't seem to
be passed to the bpf. I have tried putting the following at the end of 


But it didn't do the trick. Any hint on how to proceed?

I think this could be useful for similar projects, so perhaps we can
have a ATH_HOSTAP_PROCESS_BEACON option (or even better, a generic
flag for all the wireless devices).

I really need hostap mode, as the stations measuring the RSSI must act
as access points at the same time.

  Jorge Acereda