Subject: Re: VT6102 Problem
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Andrew Kilpatrick <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/16/2004 17:45:02
> > - often very slow (<100K/s) transfers
> > - network hangs when doing certain things (like resuming a screen
> >   session over ssh) - ifconfig vr0 down up fixes it
> > - erratic performance
> Hmmm...  Can you tell if it's autonegotiating correctly?  Some of
> these issues sound like the kinds of things you see if the two
> endpoints disagree about the speed/duplex of the connection.  Or
> if you have a bad cable.

The thing that makes me think it's not the cable or autonegotiation
is that sometimes everything just stops. Simply setting the interface
down and up again seems to make it all work again. I had seen some posts
about problems with this chip which were apparently fixed.

Are there extra debugging flags that I can turn on in the kernel that
might help track down this problem?