Subject: Re: multiple Tx queues
To: Sam Leffler <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/11/2004 14:22:19
  I thought I was saying basically this.  Some ideas were floated for
  configuring the mapping between traffic and priority and/or possible
  queueing algorithms.  I was just trying to point out that for some
  hardware this is probably not useful.  Having the OS doing anything
  is probably not very helpful; just pass the packet down to the
  driver as quickly as possible so it can stick it in the appropriate
  h/w queue.

Sorry if I misinterpreted you (and it seems like I missed the first
half of the thread somehow), but I had thought you were suggesting
some new kind of packet marking that was specific to multi-queue
hardware that would get applied to packets (and perhaps expose the
various flavors of multiple queues to applications), rather than doing
DSCP-based sorting into hardware queues (and no other qos processing
at the os layer).

It doesn't help that the DSCP space is more or less undefined at the
moment, but the legacy priority definitions are IMHO still quite