Subject: Re: How to disable Verisign's Site Finder in named?
To: None <>
From: Alicia da Conceicao <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/27/2003 04:22:32
Hi everybody:

Thanks again for the heads up on the patch for named/bind.  I will be
updating my DNS server this weekend using pkgsrc.  :-)

While we are discussing the ethics of Verisign's site finder, I have a
quick question.

Since ICANN and courts in several nations have ruled against cybersquatters
that registered domain names that contain miss-spelling of registered
trademarks, then why hasn't the courts and ICANN rule against Verisign's
Site Finder, since it cybersquats on *EVERY REGISTERED TRADEMARK*?

For example, "" goes to Verisign, so why can McDonalds
sue Verisign as a cybersquatter that hijacked a miss-spelling of their
international trademark?  Considering the numerous rulings in the past, I
can't see how Versign could win.  But then again, I am a geek that uses
logic and I am not a laywer.