Subject: Re: Problems with PF_KEY SADB_DUMP
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/19/2003 15:51:45
On Friday, September 19, 2003, at 03:46 PM, Jonathan Stone wrote:

> Here's a summary of the current status on PF_KEY problems with
> SADB_DUMP of modest-to-large SA database (at least as I see it):
> * There is a consensus that NetBSD needs a correct, reliable, robust
>   interface to PF_KEY; and that a kernfs-based approach (as kernfs
>   is strictly optional in NetBSD) is by definition not a suitable API.
>   (Bill Studenmund disagrees; Bill would like to make kernfs more 
> standard.
>   Bill has been heard, but for now that's a different issue).
> * The PF_KEY API defines the SAD_DUMP so that the app sends one
>   SADB_DUMP message, to which the kernel responds with multiple 
>   responses. Each response has one SA. Thus, SABD_DUMP cannot be 
> reworked
>   to use Matt Thomas's suggestion (do the uiomove() directly)  without
>   changing the userspace API.

Not true.  You just need to keep more state in the pcb to track this.
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