Subject: Re: Tracing ppp sessions
To: trent <>
From: David Laight <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/12/2003 23:53:53
On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 11:42:56AM -0400, trent wrote:
> david,
> >>It isn't a fetchmail bug, because telnet to the pop3 server has the same effect.
> >>I now think this is my ISPs fault.  Persuading them could be tricky though.
> It is likely a switch issue on your ISP or your side. To see:
> - telnet pop3.domain.tld 110
> - if one of the message that does not complete
> you can do:
> top <message-#> <line-#>
> snip
> ---
> OK
> top 2 3
> +OK Top of message follows
> -- 
> if a message fails at a single line number, then you can try the same from
> an outside shell account or have the tech do the same from their windoze
> machine..

I'd already tested it with telnet....
(sorted out the syntax from a ktrace of fetchmail)

I it unlikely to be anything my side - I'm just running ppp over a dialup

If 'tech' (ha) tried it would probably work - I think it needs TCP timestamps
to fail.  Although I can't see how that can affect any filtering as the
mtu sums are correct.


David Laight: