Subject: Re: PF status
To: Kenjiro Cho <>
From: Vincent Jardin <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/06/2003 18:19:09
> >  - Are there any features of altq that have been removed when it has been
> > integrated into PF ?
> >
> >  - What's about the features like CDNR, blue, afmap, ... ?
> The idea behind the pf/altq merge is to convert altq from a research
> tool into an operational tool.
> So, we started with a smaller set of queueing disciplines which are
> popular for daily use.  We also reduced the number of parameters not
> to confuse non-research-type users.

I agree that a tool can be simplified in order to be easily used, however I 
would like to know more details.