Subject: Re: nsswitch (was Re: BIND 8.3.5)
To: Takahiro Kambe <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/03/2003 19:26:31
On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 06:18:51PM +0900, Takahiro Kambe wrote:
  | This reminds me a question.
  | In message <>
  | 	on Tue, 3 Jun 2003 17:49:12 +0900 (JST),
  | 	Noriyuki Soda <> wrote:
  | > Note that the followings:
  | > - the IRS library was made after nsswitch becomes very common.
  | Is there any way to add 3rd party name service with our nsswitch?

A new back-end, such as "oracle" or "nisplus"?  Sure; nsswitch was
designed with this flexibility from the start (unlike IRS).

At the moment, you need to recompile it into libc, but I have plans
to support dynamic loading of back-ends (e.g, /lib/nss/
FreeBSD has some support for this already, and I'm communicating with
the primary author of those enhancements.