Subject: hostname problems
To: None <>
From: Thomas M Clarke <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/23/2003 03:30:37

I've just built a nat/firewall box for my home network, the dsl dial up I
have is on a dynamic ip. Problems have started to occur because of the
hostname not being configured correctly. I would like to call the computer
"hades" therefore I've put "hades" into /etc/myname. I've installed apache
httpd and would like to run two virtual hosts, one for the internal network
bound to the ethernet card ip address and one for the external internet
bound to the ppp interface ip address. How do I go about configuring my
system to be aware of the fact that I have a dynamic ip (thus a dynamic
hostname) on the internet and a static ip/hostname on the intranet? With the
current setup apache startup fails because it can not resolve the name
"hades", I have inserted a line in /etc/hosts containing:   hades


Thomas M Clarke