Subject: Re: Strange IPV6 problems with MVME167
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/21/2003 00:51:05
> I found that the MVME167 port of NetBSD has some problems with
> advertisements in IPV6.  [...]

> Getting an IPV6 address in autohost mode via rtsol generates a
> broadcast to a router in the IPV6 network, the router answers to this
> sollicitation but the MVME machine doesn't see anything.  I and some
> friends thinks that IPV6 multicasts don't work correctly.

Most likely there is something broken with Ethernet multicast, in the
chip, the driver, the interface between them, or some such.

I have an i386 box which used to have de0 and I recently had to switch
to rl0 (I had trouble making it power up correctly; I suspect there is
something slightly wrong with the way the cards seat - the enclosure
may not have the relevant surfaces quite at right angles or something).
One of the things I did was to swap out the de for the rl, and given
the trouble I'd had, once I had it working I didn't want to risk
swapping it back.

But once I did that, I found that after a reboot, other machines
couldn't reach it with v6.  Once it tried to speak out (and thus got
itself in its neighbours' neighbour caches), everything worked, but
until then, it wasn't saying a thing.  Sniffing the traffic gave me the
impression that it just wasn't receiving multicasts correctly.

It hasn't yet bothered me enough to make me investigate seriously.  But
something similar may be what's bothering you.

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