Subject: Re: Routing issue (no route to default host) sort of metoo...
To: Anthony Lieuallen <>
From: J. W. Ballantine <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/13/2003 14:43:47
This would have been out soon if I used R...

Let me guess, your isp is RCN and RCN only supports windozes and mac OS
(which is really FreeBSD in discuise)...   From my conversations with them
when they first implemented this scheme, and before they refused to allocate
a valid address to the router, it appeared the some (if not all) versions
of Linux also allowed the system to connect. (OBTW I do realize that windozes
doesn't really understand networking.)

Anyway windoze routing table look like:

    Network Address         Netmask      Gateway Address    Interface
        Router address    host address

             host.0    host              host
               host    router            router
           host.255    host              host
    host              host    host    

  where host.number is the first 3 octets of host with the last
   replaced by either 0 or 255.

Now if anyone out there can setup the init/dhcp process to reproduce this
the connection should work.  And I would greatly appreciate any and all 
help, assistance, pointers.


Jim Ballantine

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>  Date:  Thu, 13 Feb 2003 06:43:20 -0800 (PST)
>  To:
>  From:  Anthony Lieuallen <>
>  Subject:  Routing issue (no route to default host)
>  Sender:
>  I started this topic in netbsd-help, and I apologize if this is not the
>  correct area to ask this question, but no one there was able to provide
>  me with a working solution.
>  Situation is the cable modem service here.  All that is available is a
>  "one-way" cable modem (asynchronus, cable downlink, analog phone modem
>  uplink), and the strange way the cable modem's hardware seems to
>  operate.  It assigns me a public address of, while the
>  default router is at .  In short, I am never able to add a
>  route to that address, as there is no route to the 10.x.x.x subnet.  As
>  I posted to netbsd-help, I was able to solve this problem in linux
>  (using the floppy disk based LRP) by issuing the command "ip route add
> dev eth0" prior to attempting to designate that as the
>  default router.  I have been unable to locate an equivalent command for
>  NetBSD.
>  So as of now I am working off a linux router, without the services I
>  had been using at my college apartment for over a year I was used to,
>  including using this junky webmail service instead of my own email
>  server ;-)  I have to reboot that machine to test out commands in
>  NetBSD as well as cutting the entire house off from the internet so I
>  sometimes wait a bit, but if anyone has any idea how to solve this
>  problem I would much appreciate anything you could offer.
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