Subject: Re: Routing issue (no route to default host)
To: Anthony Lieuallen <>
From: Neil Ludban <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/13/2003 10:24:23
Anthony Lieuallen wrote:
> I started this topic in netbsd-help, and I apologize if this is not the
> correct area to ask this question, but no one there was able to provide
> me with a working solution.
> Situation is the cable modem service here.  All that is available is a
> "one-way" cable modem (asynchronus, cable downlink, analog phone modem
> uplink), and the strange way the cable modem's hardware seems to
> operate.  It assigns me a public address of, while the
> default router is at .  In short, I am never able to add a
> route to that address, as there is no route to the 10.x.x.x subnet.  As
> I posted to netbsd-help, I was able to solve this problem in linux
> (using the floppy disk based LRP) by issuing the command "ip route add
> dev eth0" prior to attempting to designate that as the
> default router.  I have been unable to locate an equivalent command for
> NetBSD.

# route add -host -interface

looks correct, but I'm not seeing any packets with tcpdump...

# route add -net 10 -interface

appears to work better, at least ARP requests are going out.  (This
is on a 1.6_STABLE box.)


> So as of now I am working off a linux router, without the services I
> had been using at my college apartment for over a year I was used to,
> including using this junky webmail service instead of my own email
> server ;-)  I have to reboot that machine to test out commands in
> NetBSD as well as cutting the entire house off from the internet so I
> sometimes wait a bit, but if anyone has any idea how to solve this
> problem I would much appreciate anything you could offer.
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