Subject: firewall problems with 2 DSL (PPPoE) feeds that alternate between ppp0 & ppp1
To: None <>
From: Alicia da Conceicao <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/29/2002 08:22:17

On one of my gateway servers, I have two DSL (PPPoE) connections to
two separate Internet providers.  Unfortunately, the two Internet
providers are constantly switching between virtual interfaces ppp0,
and ppp1, making it difficult to properly configure my firewall
(especially IPFILTER) with separate rulesets for each of the DSL

Is there a way for PPP/PPPoE to be configured so that the first
DSL provider is always allocated ppp0, and the second DSL provider
is always allocated ppp1 (even if the first DSL provider is down)?

Also, does anyone know of any hardware DSL modem or DSL router that
will do PPPoE internally, and then forward the external (static)
PPPoE IP address to the ethernet link, so that the NetBSD can
ifconfig the ethernet interface directly with the real IP address.
All existing DSL routers can do PPPoE, but a NetBSD server would
connect to its LAN port, and would only be able to ifconfig a
non-routable address, and would not be able to ifconfig the real
(static) IP address provided by the DSL provider.

Thanks in advance.