Subject: Strange ipv6 problem
To: None <>
From: Nick Brok <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/25/2002 11:30:34
Hello Guys,
I just installed NetBSD 1.6. for the MVME167 and discovered a strange problem
using ipv6.
I have a linux-box installed as an ipv6 tunneldevice to my ipv6 provider.
So that box is my ipv6 gateway (2001:610:1108:5211::1). I read the ipv6 FAQ and
did exactly what they wrote:
root@vme68k:~# ifconfig ie0 inet6 2001:610:1108:5211::4 prefixlen 64 alias
root@vme68k:~# route  add -inet6 default 2001:610:1108:5211::1

My provider doesn't recognize this machine until I ping to some machines of my
ipv6 provider. After a while it "forgets" to regognize my machine again... it's
When I run route6d without any parameters my ipv6 connection is up and it stays
I have soladv switched off.
What's going on? Who can explain this? For my ipv4 connection I don't need to
run routed. I don't understand what this daemon does exactly... I know it has
something to do with routing-tables... though...


Nick Brok
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