Subject: Looking for T-1 controller recommendations for NetBSD router
To: , <>
From: Monroe Williams <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/15/2002 16:53:16
I'm looking for recommendations for (or against) a WAN interface card for a
NetBSD-i386 router.

Our T-1 is currently being run by a Cisco 1605 with a separate CSU/DSU, and
is connected to our core router via a 2-node Ethernet network.  I'm hoping
to find some hardware I can use to simplify this setup, either by replacing
the 1605 (i.e. plugging into the serial port of our CSU/DSU) or just
plugging directly into the T-1 line.

I see that the "other hardware" page shows driver support for SBE
WAN adapters:


and there's a Sangoma PCI card with a built-in CSU/DSU advertised on bsdmall
(not sure if NetBSD has drivers for this one):


I'm looking for people's personal experiences with these or other similar
hardware.  Anything from "I'm using this and it works great" to "For the
love of God, don't buy this card" to "You really don't want to run a T-1
with NetBSD" would be helpful.

-- monroe
Monroe Williams