Subject: Re: static route strangeness
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/01/2002 16:33:49
>>>>> "Jasper" == Jasper Wallace <> writes:
    Jasper> no, but gated is 'better'.

    Jasper> routed only does RIPv1 and 2, gated does those, and OSPF, BGP and a few
    Jasper> others i think.

    Jasper> Unfortunatly the public version of gated dosn't support OSPF md5
    Jasper> authentication, or BGP community strings.

    Jasper> there is a third routing daemon out there, which is zebra:


    Jasper> It's mainly developed on linux, and has a few quirks, but it does all
    Jasper> the things that gated dosn't, but it's not quite as stable as gated.

  It does run on NetBSD, I'm running it now, AS26227.

  I had to give up on routes longer then /22 until I get around to upgrading
my router from 64Mb to 128Mb, but for now, this is okay.

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