Subject: Re: unaligned access in in_delayed_cksum()
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/30/2002 08:05:41
On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 12:28:10PM +0200, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

 > the vlan interfaces. I had ti0 up with vlan interfaces attached to it.
 > Then I went on trying checksum offload, I wanted to enable it on ti0 and
 > then on the vlans. But as soon as I enabled it on ti0 I got the panic.
 > enabling *csum on ti0 and vlans before assigning IPs to the vlan works.

Right, but in the ip_output() path, there aren't any packets with a
"ti0" output interface, right?  I'm just a bit puzzled as to why enabling
checksum offload on ti0 only affected the vlan interfaces.

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>