Subject: Myson driver won't send
To: None <>
From: Peter. Bex <>
List: tech-net
Date: 09/15/2002 16:53:36
Hello again,

My network card still won't send any packets /at all/, but receiving works 
My thought was that perhaps something is wrong in the buffer(or descriptor) 
address calculations, since I'm using 1 DMA buffer for both sending and 
Since the receive buffers are first (and the same with descriptors, as you can 
see in the code I posted), and the transmit buffers come after, I started 
thinking in this direction.

So my question is: Can you calculate a DMA address the way I do (by taking 
dm_addr[0] + offset[in bytes]) or should I have either 2 DMA buffers (which 
would create a very long piece of code to initialise it all), or calculate the 
address in some other way?

Or perhaps someone has found something else I'm doing wrong? (I believe my code 
is correct, at least according to the data sheets. Especially since receiving 

Thanks (again) for any help you can give me,
Peter Bex

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