Subject: Re: 1.6_RC1 panic: ifmedia_set (nsphy0)
To: Rick Byers <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/14/2002 10:56:13
On Tue, Aug 13, 2002 at 12:21:43PM -0400, Rick Byers wrote:
  | Hi,
  | I'm trying to install NetBSD/i386-1.6_RC1 (20020812 snapshot from
  | releng) on an "IBM PC Server 325".  When I boot off the install disks I
  | get (copied by hand):
  | pcn0 at pci1 dev5 function 0: AMD PCnet-PCI Ethernet
  | pcn0: Am79c971 PCnet-FAST rev 5
  | nsphy0 at pcn0 phy1: DP8384 10/100 media interface, rev. 1
  | nsphy0: no media present
  | ifmedia_set: no match for 0x20/0xffffffff
  | NetBSD 1.5.4_ALPHA works fine using the le0 driver:
  | le0 at pci1 dev 5 funct ion 0: PCnet-PCI Ethernet
  | le0: address 00:60:94:57:3b:b9
  | le0: 8 receive buffers, 2 transmit buffers
  | le0: interrupting at irq 14
  | There is an ethernet cable pluged into the card, and it is working fine
  | under 1.5 so I'm not sure why it thinks no media is present.
  | Unfortunantly, the ethernet is onboard so I can't simply swap it for
  | another card.

I've seen this problem on a NetFinity 5000 with 1.6_BETA3. 

I thought Jason's commit in rev 1.10 of sys/dev/pci/if_pcn.c had
fixed this (which I pulled up to -1-6 as rev, but obviously

Try booting the machine on 1.6_RC1 without the cable plugged in, and
then plugging the cable in after boot.  It is still likely to fail,
but it may not panic immediately.


  | I'll start looking at the code now and see if I can come up with a patch
  | to work around the problem (and send-pr it).  However, I'm in a bit of a
  | rush (only have this week to finish a job), so if anyone has any
  | suggestions I'd be greatly appreciative.
  | Thanks,
  | 	Rick

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