Subject: Re: is there any reason that kernel doesn't notify userland when redirect route is deleted due to timeout?
To: enami tsugutomo <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/13/2002 09:28:11
> The only annoying thing I know is that routed logs on console that
> everytime the route disappeared from kernel routing table.  Should I
> just shut up the routed?

If it's routed acting as a router discovery agent (only learning
default), that makes sense.

If it's routed speaking RIP, my understanding is that at least some
"purists" will now say that you are a router and shouldn't be
listening to redirects.  i.e., the warning is appropriate, and perhaps
should be joined by a routed startup-time warning if sysctl
net.inet.ip.redirect is nonzero.

Does routed turn the redirect-routes into RIP host-routes?  that would
be bad...

						- Bill