Subject: Accton EN1207 with DEC 21140A and 10base2 de->tlp no joy
To: None <>
From: S.P.Zeidler <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/17/2002 12:03:13

I have an Accton EN1207 with DEC 21140A (that card has three connectors,
10baseT, 100baseTX, and 10base2) that currently works well with the de
driver but does not get recognised by the tlp driver. Gratuitious grepping
turned up code for this or a like named card (current Accton EN1207 don't
look anything like what I have) in the lmc driver but that's not talking
to the card either. The board PCI-identifies as PCI_VENDOR_DEC and
PCI_PRODUCT_DEC_21140, so I hoped it'd only fail the kind of funky media
switch; I stuck in the boards data at tlp_pci_21140_quirks with a
no-changes mediasw routine, still no recognition. I currently lack the
time and clear floorspace to get a clear enough understanding of tlp
and companions to get the card to work, so I hope someone else with more
insight can take a look.

-- (S.P.Zeidler)