Subject: can any body explain..?
To: None <>
From: v.nagasrinivas <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/08/2002 18:50:04
                I am working on a ADSL router project..
It was used the BSD stack..( the mbufs are present..)
now this is going port to uClinux..( the buffers are of sk_buffs..), i
am just thinking how can my
can be easily mapped with the sk_buffs usage...

While browsing through the NetBSD code.. I found in the file

# ifdef linux
    554 #  ifndef kernel
    555 typedef struct mb {
    556         struct mb *next;
    557         u_int len;
    558         u_char *data;
    559 } mb_t;
    560 #  else
    561 typedef struct sk_buff mb_t;    <----   how best i can use
through my ip stack.. the sk_buff..
if i use similar kind

of typedef          in order to port to my embedded linux

    562 #  endif
    563 # else
    564 typedef struct mbuf mb_t;
    565 # endif

                                     Exactly    i am looking to know the
definition purpose  in this file...Can any
body help me out..

thanks for help,

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