Subject: dial-up over regular ethernet IP (xs4)
To: NetBSD tech-net list <>
From: Rogier Krieger <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/05/2002 17:07:11
Hi everyone,

this may be a slightly odd question, but I figured it might best be
asked here. I'd like to establish a PPP-like session over a regular
ethernet IP connection.

I have a setup in mind as follows:

	The Internet -------> PPP dial-in server
	        | (IPv4)
	upstream connection
	        | (IPv4 / Ethernet)
	NetBSD box

In this scheme, I'd like to maintain and use both the regular
ethernet link from the NetBSD box as well as obtain an address
through a PPP-like server (that also serves regular modem dial-ins).
I intend to use latter PPP-like link as a route for only a single
domain (say '') and use the regular ethernet link for
all other traffic.

Is there a solution for this? I tried finding out more about PPPoE
(of which the name suggests it can do the trick), but I'm unsure
whether I can direct such a PPP-session over intermediate routers to
the IP address of the PPP dial-in server.

If anyone has a suggestion on how to get this working, or why it will
not work, I'd be most grateful for an answer.

Thanks in advance,

Rogier Krieger

[skip the following if you're not interested in why I would want this]

Now, why would I want that? In short: I'd like a cheap solution to a
problem. Time and complexity are of little importance.

Currently, I access the internet through a DSL line and all is fine.
However, I would like to access my university's campus resources from
the same machine. There is just one problem: the IP address I have
through the DSL line is one outside of the university's campus. If I
wish to access the library databases, for example, I have to 'come
from within the campus', which in my scenario of course isn't

Since I also have a dial-up account (regular PPP access, through
modem or ISDN), I have a legitimate way to access the campus from
remote locations. That's great, of course, but also rather expensive.
The ethernet-ized access would be a lot cheaper (and therefore a
nice feature to use).

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