Subject: Re: racoon interoperability
To: Darren Reed <>
From: Hendra Widarta <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/21/2002 23:26:49
--- Darren Reed <> wrote:
> In some email I received from Hendra Widarta, sie wrote:
> > <snip> 
> have you done the same testing with -current (to be 1.6) ?
> be nice if they could all be "pass" for 1.6 if they aren't.

I've upgraded the kernel, sys.tar.gz - 04/20/2002 only.
Is it enough?

Well, after re-test it, there's no difference result,
NULL+MD5 still fail to interoperate with others.

I think there's a problem in racoon and/or kernel for NULL encryption, 
since IPSec MK(Manual keying), simple/null encryption CAN build VPN
tunnel with others, like WatchGuard, RapidStream, NetScreen.


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