Subject: Re: Attack of the clones: turning sl*, strip*, ppp* into cloners.
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/26/2002 15:26:36
>    Andrew> that said, adding such a facility for automatic pre-creation of
>    Andrew> cloning interfaces ought not to be very hard.
>  Yes, it would be good to do that for awhile so that people aren't confused.
>("How come I do not have any PPP devices. Look, I compiled them into the

i suppose it's too much to ask that someone read the man page for ppp?
the tun man page (another cloning interface), for example, has this
near the top:

     To use a tun device, the administrator must first create the interface.
     This can be done by using the ifconfig(8) `create' command, or via the
     SIOCIFCREATE ioctl.  Note that an open() call on /dev/tunN, will indicate
     that the device is not configured (ENXIO) unless the corresponding net-
     work interface has been created.

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