Subject: "Gatewayless" VPN
To: net <>
From: Bruce Martin <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/18/2002 10:34:41
Hi All

I have a VPN set up, happily running, which looks like:

Network A === VPN Gateway A === INTERNET === VPN Gateway B === Network B

with both gateways running isakmpd. However, I now have an application where
I want to do this:

Network A === VPN Gateway A === INTERNET === Standalone PC (e.g. laptop)

I want the standalone PC to be able to access Network A through the VPN
Gateway A. So, I want to do something like make this PC both a VPN
encrypter/decrypter so that it looks like both VPN Gateway B and Network B
in the first case.

In the past, I could ping Network A from Network B and vice versa, but I
could not ping Network A from VPN Gateway B, only from behind it. How do I
now set up a laptop to act as both the gateway, and the PC "behind" the

I hope I have explained this adequately, if I need to clarify anything,
please shout.