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Today's focus: Think thin

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Today's focus: Think thin

By Phil Hochmuth 

Enterprise users looking to deploy thin client technology with 
Linux should be aware of a new product released last week 
called WinConnect from Thin Computing. 

The software allows a Linux-based PC or terminal to connect to 
a Microsoft Windows server. WinConnect software would be 
installed on a Linux-based PC with a minimum of 16M bytes of 
RAM, a 486 processor or higher, a network connection, X-Windows 
and at 400K bytes of storage for the WinConnect software. The 
software allows the Linux terminal to access applications and 
files on servers running Windows NT 4 Terminal Server or a 
Windows 2000 Server. 

Like any terminal/server setup, all applications and files 
accessed by end users reside on the server. According to Thin 
Computing, the software could be used to recycle older PC 
hardware as Linux terminals, and allow access to applications 
such as Microsoft Office on a central server. The company also 
bills the product as a cheaper alternative to deploying Windows 
CE or Citrix for larger enterprise terminal server projects. A 
version of the software is also available to allow Linux-based 
PDAs to access Windows server data. 

The idea is kind of the reverse of the open source program 
Samba used to allow Windows-based clients to access files and 
programs on Linux servers. However, unlike Samba, the software 
is neither free, nor open source. 

Find out more about WinConnect


Find out more about WinConnect

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