Subject: tools for testing error handing of networking stack?
To: None <>
From: Nicholas Gimbrone <Nicholas.Gimbrone@CatchFIRESystems.Com>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/20/2002 09:49:43
Is there a standard tool set for testing the NetBSD networking stacks for proper
behavior of handling of error conditions? In particular, I am working on a
project in which we want to be sure that the TCP/IP stack is subjected to "real
world" quality sequences of network packets (i.e. a sequence that contains some
percentage of packets in error, out of order, duplicated, dropped, etc... all
the sorts of things that you would rarely see in a LAN but do see in the
internet). Before I go reinventing the wheel, I thought I should ask here if
such tools already exist. Thanks!

Peace -njg