Subject: Re: dhcpd(8) _cannot_ be completely disabled on an interface
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Bill Squier <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/09/2002 23:49:45
On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 10:34:24PM -0500, Andrew Brown wrote:
> >} netbsd, as i understand it, doesn't do proxy arp without the help of a
> >} small daemon, somewhat like rarpd.
> >
> >     Yes it does.  What do you think "arp -s ... ..." would do?  This
> >is the same mechanism that the "proxyarp" option of pppd would use.
> it sets an ethernet <-> ip address mapping in the kernel's routing
> table.

...and optionally publishes it.  man 8 arp.

[...] If the word pub is given,
      the entry will be "published"; i.e., this system will act as an
      ARP server, responding to requests for hostname even though the
      host address is not its own.

it's exactly what pppd's proxyarp uses.  Your system will respond to arp
who-has requests supplying its mac address.

> and i can't add a mapping for an ip address that's not on my
> local network using arp(8).     

s/my local network/one of &/

Of course not.  Of what possible use would that be?

You should really read about arp and dhcp before continuing a discussion
about them.  :-)

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