Subject: Re: Flag to exclude an interface from INADDR_ANY?
To: Jim Wise <>
From: Paul Goyette <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/02/2002 07:55:38
Then, what would you do if you _did_ want some daemons to listen on
all interfaces, but had other daemons which should listen only on a

Perhaps INADDR_MOST_BUT_NOT_ALL would be useful here?   :)

On Wed, 2 Jan 2002, Jim Wise wrote:

> Please note:  this is *not* a strong-vs-weak host model post.  I
> strongly believe a sysctl to choose strong or weak host model is in
> order, but this is a separate question, specifically:
> What do people think of the idea of adding a per-interface flag,
> settable with ifconfig, to indicate that an interface should not be
> included in INADDR_ANY?
> Such a flag would be especially useful in a strong host model of course,
> but even in the current model, there are many instances of hosts which
> have one or more interfaces on which it is not desirable to have daemons
> listening (think a management-lan interface, or the outside interface
> of a NAT or proxy gateway).
> As many daemons, (in particular all current RPC services) provide no way
> to limit the daemon to listening on a particular subset of interfaces on
> the system, it seems to me valuable to have the ability to indicate that
> an interface is _not_ intended to be listened on by general services.
> (And yes, of course this can be done with ipf, but let's face it, having
> a daemon actually listening on the undesired port and then blocking
> access with ipf in a way designed not to be picked up by port scanners
> is error-prone at best, and worse, subject to race conditions, such as
> connections in the brief interval between ipf stopping and starting when
> invoking /etc/rc.d/ipfilter reload).
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