Subject: NetBSD port of the freebsd netgraph environment
To: None <>
From: Barnim Dzwillo <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/17/2001 12:20:56

I want to announce here the availability of a port of the freebsd netgraph
environment (FreeBSD 4.3) to the netbsd-current tree (currently Netbsd 1.5V
from end of april). This was done for a netbsd project and might be
usefull to others. 

So far the system runs well for the modules in use (majorly socket,
ksocket, iface, echo, tee) and for our own modules. Most of the other
modules (a.e: frame_relay, cisco, ppp, pppoe, ..) are straight ports,
they compile and load well, but they are nearly untested under netbsd.

The netgraph system is really usefull if you need a simple API to
communicate between your kernel modules or want to attach them in a
common way to existing kernel API's. A short overview about netgraph
can be found here:

The port can currently be downloaded from this private page (240k):
The included README is also downloadable as separate file:

Suggestions and comments are welcome,

Barnim Dzwillo <>