Subject: Re: RTA_IFP and RTA_IFA on routes
To: Martti Kuparinen <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/15/2001 19:18:59
>> 	you can do it with route(8) -ifp and -ifa modifiers.  or am I talking
>> 	about different thing?
>Errrr, my mistake. I was on a wrong window (FreeBSD 4.3) all the time.
>Maybe I should get a smaller screen and open only one xterm :-)
>Anyway, this works just fine on NetBSD but not on FreeBSD.

	even with freebsd, you must be able to do -ifa or -ifp, if you use
	"route change".

	# route add -inet default
	# route change -inet default -ifp foo -ifa bar

	freebsd (or original 4.4BSD-based sys/net/rtsock.c) cannot handle
	-ifa or -ifp modifier on "add".