Subject: Re: Ricochet STRIP support for 128Kbps models?
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Herb Peyerl <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/08/2001 04:58:41
Andrew Brown <>  wrote:
 > well...the service *was* asymmetric to begin with (mine maxed out at
 > about 25 KB/sec inbound and about 11+KB/sec outbound).  that

yeah. I got 14KB/sec on both ends of the ttcp connection.

 > said...perhaps the ricochet modems are better at going around corners?
 > i only ask because i (used to) use my ricochet from a cafe (near the
 > front window) about three doors down from a friend's house (on the
 > same side of the street) where tossing a 802.11 access point in the
 > window did next to nothing for connectivity...we're still trying, and
 > considering making friends with the guy across the street.

My albeit limited knowledge of RF says that ricochet (900Mhz) is more likely
to want to 'bend' or 'reflect' than 802.11 (2400+Mhz).  I believe both are
limited to the same 1W for regulatory reasons.

At the Usenix/Boston vendor area, I briefly had 802.11 service (couldn't
afford to pay the $400/day for a T1) until someone must have noticed the
antenna and moved the access point further away from the door... So it's
real sensitive to line of site, methinks.