Subject: Re: Ricochet STRIP support for 128Kbps models?
To: Herb Peyerl <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/08/2001 01:04:11
> > With the Metricom network being shutoff tomorrow, there may be a ton of the
> > Ricochet GS models available cheap.  With updated strip(4) drivers, they
> > could be used as a simple home wireless network.
>further to the above.  I did get my modems working together. Technically
>you're supposed to be able to get up to 400kbps but I've only ever managed
>to get about 14.20 KB/sec using ttcp.  If the modems are too close together,
>I get worse throughput.  I have one downstairs and one upstairs and can
>get 14KB/sec...  I still prefer 802.11 far and away.

well...the service *was* asymmetric to begin with (mine maxed out at
about 25 KB/sec inbound and about 11+KB/sec outbound).  that
said...perhaps the ricochet modems are better at going around corners?
i only ask because i (used to) use my ricochet from a cafe (near the
front window) about three doors down from a friend's house (on the
same side of the street) where tossing a 802.11 access point in the
window did next to nothing for connectivity...we're still trying, and
considering making friends with the guy across the street.

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