Subject: TCP Urgent pointer
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From: Scott Barron <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/04/2001 15:41:41
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It seems to be a slow day so maybe I can spark some discussion.  This may
have been asked before and/or beaten to death but I haven't been around that
long (and haven't seen any discussions on it) so here goes ...

I was just in a discussion with my roommate regarding the correctness of
where BSD TCP implementations point the TCP urgent pointer.  According to
RFC 793 and my Stevens book it is supposed to point to one octet after the
urgent data.  I then found RFC 1122, a standards track RFC, that says 793
is wrong, the urgent pointer should point to the last octet of data.

I went through some of the NetBSD source and it looks like it is still going
in accordance with 793.  I am not having any troubles with this I am just
wondering if there was a particular reason it hasn't been changed.  Can
anyone satisfy my curiosity on this matter?


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