Subject: Re: getaddrinfo() and PF_LOCAL
To: Stig Venaas <>
From: Assar Westerlund <>
List: tech-net
Date: 08/01/2001 14:57:27
Stig Venaas <> writes:
> My conclusion then, is that PF_UNSPEC isn't of much value, so maybe
> we should limit it to the PF_LOCAL case as you say. We could perhaps
> also do it if servname starts with a /, but the former is fine.

I think handling ai_family == PF_LOCAL is good.

> > "4711", ) really mean, as in what filename should that refer to?
> Typically /tmp/4711 I think. Different implementations might have
> different choices, it could be some special socket filesystem too.

It seems much less specified than what "hostname", "4711" is.

> Also if servname is NULL one could perhaps use tempnam().

I think glibc used to do that, which I fail to see the point of.  What
would a nodename mean for a PF_LOCAL address?  I can see nodename =
NULL, servname = foobar -> "/tmp/foobar".  But nodename = "something",
serername = NULL and nodename = servname = NULL seem rather undefined
to me.