Subject: trying to ftp thru NAT box
To: None <>
From: adam johnson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/31/2001 22:08:59

I'm running a NAT machine[C] for a few computers in my home.  It's worked 
great except I've been unable to allow friend to ftp to my machine which is 
behind the NAT box.  I can ftp almost all sites, but can not ftp other 
computers behind routers/or other NAT boxes.

Can this be done? Is it possible to set up a ftp server on my computer
and expect access to other computers behind these types of ip translating 
devices? Would it be wiser to place outgoing files on the NAT box itself and 
then have it upload the file(s) to the friend's machine?  Thx for ANY input!

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