Subject: Re: changing resolv.conf ?
To: Assar Westerlund <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/27/2001 04:51:30
>> 	instead, run a nameserver on your machine (even a tiny ones like
>> 	totd/mdnsd should be fine) and set /etc/resolv.conf to
>> 	"nameserver".  this is the way that it should be.
>I usually run a local named and just noticed this problem when I was
>testing mdnsd, which seems to not reply fast enough sometimes, and

	yes, I saw it too.  curious to know what kind of command line argument
	you were using with mdnsd.  probably with -N (lookup by ping6)?

>then the resolver goes on to the other listed nameservers.  I think
>having some kind of working fallback is good.

	hmm.  i'm preferring not to change timings for calling res_init(),
	as your change would call stat(2) every time we call gethostby*...
	maybe having some timer/time offset between stat(2) calls, so that
	we won't check it every time?

	i guess it nicer if we can add "destination port number" argument,
	so that we can talk with multiple local instances of nameserver, like:
		nameserver 10053	# mdnsd
		nameserver 53		# normal named
	it would eliminate the need for dynamic res_init().  not sure if
	it is workable or not.