Subject: Re: cleanup telnetd
To: None <>
From: Assar Westerlund <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/19/2001 11:23:36 writes:
> 	are there any objection in cleaning up libexec/telnetd source code,
> 	where tons of unused code fragment are hidden within #ifdef?
> 	without unifdef(1)'ing them, we cannot really know where the
> 	(possible) vulnerabilities are.

No, not really.  But I think a good way of cleaning it up is to try to
merge it with the telnet code in crypto/dist/heimdal since we have
done lots of cleanups there. :-)

> 	for example, the following symbols does not fit our use, and i guess
> 	almost noone is interested in these any longer:
> 		CRAY
> 		CRAY2

UNICOS5 is old and ancient.  CRAY2 the same.  CRAY (or _CRAY) might
actually be needed for weird pty handling on crays.  The telnetd code
in heimdal has these still there and actually builds on crays.