Subject: Re: TCP send buffer free space
To: None <>
From: Dave Gantose <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/10/2001 15:37:41
-- Wolfgang Rupprecht wrote:
> (Dave Gantose) writes:
>> I would love to have two separate sockets, but this is a Space Station
>> project and the single socket has been dictated to us from on high :(
> Wasn't that fact that management was making engineering decisions also
> what caused the infamous Challenger explosion?
> From an strictly engineering standpoint I'd be tempted to have two
> streams with IP_TOS bits set to use IPTOS_THROUGHPUT on the bulk
> archived data.  Then set everything up to make sure packets with
> IPTOS_THROUGHPUT get last dibs on the remaining bandwidth.  That way
> no bandwidth gets wasted, but archived data never crowds out live
> data.

This is beyond my experience so far, but I will keep it in mind. What all
might be included in "set everything up" though?

Dave Gantose
Zin Tech