Subject: Re: Experimental EAP support for Aironet
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 07/02/2001 09:30:50
> > I've commit experimental EAP support for aironet 'an' driver.
> > It requires the firmware revision at least 4.23 (342/352),
> > Cisco's AP-350 access point, and CiscoSecure ACS 2.6 RADIUS server
> > product to enable LEAP.
> It looks interesting.  I don't have an access point so unfortunately I
> can't test it.

Hmm.  I have one of the access point and if any of you have ACS RADIUS
server and are kind enough to make a test account which I can access from
my access point as NAS, it would be very helpful.

> Do you by any chance know if the cisco/aironet programmers docs are
> available online?  I'm trying to add enough support so that I can take
> my laptop to a coffee-house equipt with 802.11b and have a fair chance
> of connecting up there.  One thing I really need is to be able to
> change channels from the default (of "6" in the US).  I'm trying to
> figure out why I can't change channels on the aironet.  The channel
> changes as far as the RID commands show, but the radio clearly doesn't
> stop talking to its peer - so it really didn't change.  Perhaps I have
> to turn the MAC (radio) off, change the RID, and turn the MAC on???

First you should tell which mode you want to use: infrastructure mode
or IBSS (adhoc) mode.  If you want to connect via access point, you
should be infrastructure mode, I guess it is most of the case.
In infrastructure mode, the station (NIC) tries to synchronize the
radio channel which is used by the access point which it wants to make
association.  Before establishment of association, the card continues
to scan and try a next access point, so that it doesn't stick to one

As far as I know about aironet firmware, an_ds_channel parameter of the
current configuration RID only affects adhoc or access point operation.
and an_cur_channel parameter of the status RID shows the current channel
only after it associate an access point (infrastructure mode).  Before
association, the value is meaningless.

I can't figure what you did, but if you try to change the value of
an_cur_channel in AN_RID_STATUS, it fails.  The status register is
read only as noted in anreg.h.  If you try to change the value of
an_ds_channel in AN_RID_GENCONFIG, it should affect the IBSS creation
channel if the card operates in IBSS mode (mediaopt adhoc) and there
are no IBSS speaker found.  In another words, the default IBSS channel
is only used there are no wireless station for the SSID, and then
some station joins the IBSS.

That's why I don't introduce ancontrol(8) utility into NetBSD yet.
For those who have interests in using the utility, the FreeBSD binary
of ancontrol(8) should work, though it is complicated.

Atsushi Onoe